Sierra Nevada Brewing, Mills River, NC

When our friends at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Mill River, NC called and asked if we were interested in the woodworking at their taproom, we jumped at the chance.

Located in Henderson County, we consider Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to be a dream client for a few reasons. Most importantly, they have a very extensive sustainability program that translates to their company’s environmentally focused philosophy. They maintain Platinum Leed Certification for their facility.

Sierra Nevada Woodwork

Sourcing the Lumber

Many people don’t know this, but ALL of the wood that you see at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. came from the site itself. This plays right into our company philosophy and is consistent to many of our other projects where the wood used was produced directly from the site.

In 2012 when they cleared the site, they salvaged all of the trees. They had all of that wood cut, dried, and stored in order to use it for the unique and beautiful woodworking which encompasses the entire facility.

A Unique Project

We feel fortunate for the opportunity to express our craft in ways we could not have dreamed. For instance, upstairs in the High Gravity Tap room we built a door that is 10' tall by 16' long using maple and black walnut. The decorative panels were made with a live edge detail which celebrates the wood grain and contrast of color and texture between wood species.


Many of the wood tables continue those same themes as well. During this project, we were able to build one of a kind furniture, use old barrel staves for wall finishes, bring alive ceilings with live edged oak, and the list goes on and on. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. left no stone unturned when it comes to quality woodworking and sustainability. We are grateful to have been part of their process.